DJI Amplifier Mount V4 4800mAh (Phantom 3 Adv/Pro, Inspire 1, & Matrice)

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DJI Amplifier Mount V4(Fits DJI Phantom 3, Inspire 1, & Matrice) SAVE MONEY! Buy directly from my website: This mount is 3D printed with high strength PLA plastic, which is biodegradeable. We’ve noticed the batteries are not all exactly the same width, so with a redesign, the battery bay features two arms that flex to allow a perfect battery fit. This is mounted to your remote with a mounting clip that clips onto your stock phone / tablet mount. Wing nuts allow for easy assembly / disassembly. This mount is designed for the following setup: – 12V 4800mAh Battery (Click here) – (2) Sunhans 3W Amplifer (Click here) Includes: – Amplifier Mount – Mounting Clip – Hardware (screws / nuts) Features Features Smart Cable Routing Not all batteries are created equal, for that we have spring like arms that assures a snug fit inside the battery bay The amplifer is stepped up from battery bay, this way you don’t have to flip the amplifier over to plug the power cable in. Now you can see the light indicators on both amps!