DJI Inspire 1, cracked arm. everything else great condition

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For Sale is DJI Inspire 1. It has the quick release props so it is a later revision of the V1. I bought this Inspire in Tallahassee, Florida. Flew to Los Angeles then to Colorado. In Colorado I put the drone on the back of a backpack (don’t ever do this folks) and climbed a mountain. I flew on top of the mountain and when I got back down later that day I noticed the arm was cracked. Also the arm is loose in the point where it connects to the body of the Inspire 1, i believe it is also a cracked plastic part. It will require a full arm replacement which I found for $230 and there are youtube videos but it looks like it requires someone who is comfortable soldering and dismantling their drone with the right tools. I am almost positive the drone cracked on the backpack, it could of happened in the baggage of the flights I took also. The only reason I stress this is that any drone pilot knows a crashed drone will have many problems. Usually one or 2 motors is bad, the GPS can crack and act weird. You will have non of these issues, this is a case of the arm getting torqued during transport and snapping. I guarantee you will not see the tell tale signs of hard scratches and marks from a crash. It never crashed but I was careless in putting it on the back of a full backpack and tightening down the straps. Please understand you are getting an Inspire 1 with cracked arm. It did not crash and the person i bought it from NEVER flew it, i literally pulled plastic off. The motors, and rest of the drone will reflect this condition. I flew it once for 4 batteries. The drone was in it’s DJI suitcase for flight, but i also wondered if the arm was snapped by TSA tugging it out of the case. Who knows, i think it was the backpack. It wasn’t cracked when i bought it in Florida. No Camera, No Remote, No Batteries. I am keeping all these for my 2nd Inspire. I am tempted to keep it myself, I always like having 2, however I want to get the Pro with the X5 and I just don’t have the time to fix this guy. Look up videos so you know what you are getting into. I really don’t want a hassle over someone who didn’t realize the arm is cracked. I tried to photo all the broken elements. Comes with Inspire 1 7 x quick release propsDJI Suitcase (I will add bubble wrap inside and I have a cardboard box to fit it.) It is big but not incredible heavy. See other auction for X3 camera. I am not selling remote, I fly Inspire 1 professionally and need the batteries and remote for my other drone, obviously you know how to use eBay… Shipping is $45 for US and $95 for International shipping via USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation. I will use the global shipping program if you prefer but it can end up costing more than me shipping direct. Pickup obviously is free and prefered.