DJI Inspire 1 Drone Package with X3 camera + X5 absorbing board kit included

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This is the amazing DJI INSPIRE 1! Bought this bird in Japan, and have used it mostly in the states and in Asia! Haven’t used it in a while, therefore i am separating with it so hopefully somebody will put it to good use! The first perfected dual remote drone from DJI for serious videographers… comes in the original carry case! Inside this case includes: 2 x TB47 Batteries 2 x TB48 Batteries Battery charger + Extra Dual charger rod! 2 remotes for camera and drone 2 sets of 4 ‘twist on’ propeller blades + white blade bumpers! Zenmuse X3 camera (shoots 4K) + 16GB mini SD card 1 Padhat for ipad mini or similar, to block sunlight on ipad or whatever screen you use! ALSO, in addition, I have included the kit for mounting the Zenmuse X5 camera, in case you would like to install it (Mounting board, cushions, landing pad extenders) and turn your Inspire into the Inspire Pro! This bird has no cosmetic difficiencies and is up to date- has been recently tested before packaging. Excellent bird, hasn’t failed us! Good luck on the bidding, questions are welcome!