DJI Inspire 1 Pro V1 Quadcopter Drone with X5 Camera and (3x) TB48 Batteries

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For sale is my Inspire 1 Pro V1 Quadcopter Kit. V1 means this Inspire was originally flying the X3 camera and I purchased the X5, the X5 mounting board, and the taller leg attachments separately. The drone has never been in a crash and is in perfect working order. The aircraft has 64 flights per the battery flight history screenshots on the batteries. The only damage on the drone is a small half inch hairline crack on the shell as shown in the photos which I believe was caused while transporting and is purely cosmetic. The item will be shipped in the DJI internal styrofoam shell as pictured. I have linked video demonstrations of the mechanical aspects of the drone below to show full function. Please see my other listings for lenses, filters, transmitters, and other drone goods that I am selling. The items included are as follows: DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter Inspire 1 Transmitter Remote 2 Sets of Propellers (8 total) DJI X5 Camera (no lens) 3x Inspire TB48 Large Capacity Batteries (94% Life with 25 flights, 95% life 21 flights, 96% life 18 flights) 2x 100W Power Adaptors with AC Cables X5 Initializing Video Landing Gear and Motor Startup Video