DJI Inspire 1 Professional Drone Zenmuse X5 – 4K HD Camera & 3 Axis Gimbal

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I purchased a 1 PRO from B&H 10/21/15 as back up and flew once and sent back for a defect. B&H sent me a complete new package 11/20/15 (this one) and I never unpacked it nor registered nor turned it on. When I opened it recently I noticed a completely dead battery (out of warranty of course) and bought a new one from Atlanta Hobby a week ago but upgraded to the TB 48 instead and it is included. Cellephane still on and now am selling due to Leukemia. I also purchased the gear down case for the Pro X5 from Bestem Aerial and it is included, never used. Also included is a MARS Aerial Recovery System, and the hardware for Inspire 1 installation, never used. No tricks, just cleaning up some end of life details. invoices included in the pics.