DJI Inspire 1 Rear Go-pro Style mount attachment. Very Secure Mounting Design

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This is a Rear Go-Pro Style Connector. Its made from Strong PETG & attaches under the battery. You can mount many different items to this clip.Very Secure Mounting Design Also stop by the website for more great items! Default Color for this item is black. I print all my items to order. When your item is done printing I check the item for defects. I make every item like its going on my Quadcopter so you can be sure you will get a Quality part.I have 100% Feedback because I WORK with my customers. If you have an issue with any of the items or want to see if I can customize it for you.. just send me a message. I’m very easy to work with.I also have many special Materials such as Glow in the dark, U.V. color changing, Temp color changing , Rubber, nylon & more. I do custom work as well so if you need something made Please feel free to message me.