dji inspire 1 X3 with extras free shipping

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With the holidays approaching, its time to liquidate some of my unused equipment. What you see here is my rarely used DJI Inspire 1 with X3 camera. I planned on incorporating this into drone into my equestrian photography, but soon realized it didn’t fit in my business model and I was always too busy. This Inspire has never been crashed and is ready to fly after the batteries are charged. As you can see by one of the photos, the one and only battery has only been charged 20 times. Everything you see in the pics is included in this auction. I will include free UPS Ground shipping with Signature Conformation in this auction (continental 48 states only). DJI Inspire 1 with X3 camera + remote 16gb Micro SD memory card with SD card adapter DJI TB47 battery + charger DJI UV + ND4 lens filters 2 sets of propellers Phantom Angel battery conditioner ProCraft travel mode hard case (Inspire fits in case while in “Travel” mode) The Phantom Angel battery conditioner: DJI recommends a 50-60% storage charge on the main battery when storing longer than 10 days for max life. In storage mode, the Phantom Angel will safely discharges the battery and automatically shutoff at 50-60%. DJI also recommends that every 20 battery charges, you deep cycle the battery to calibrate charge level. Deep discharging involves discharging the main battery down to 5-8%, normally when you fly you land at 10-30% remaining. With the Phantom Angel you can safely discharge your battery without the risk of damaging your drone falling out of the sky due to a dead battery.