DJI Neck Lanyard Strap For DJI INSPIRE 1 Remote DJI Phantom Drone 3 Controller

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Remote Controller Strap, DJI® – Adjustable Strong Strap Comfortable Lanyard for DJI Phantom Remote Control Transmitter in White (Sold By IMBS®) Original DJI Neck Lanyard – Securely holds Quadcopter Phantom Remote Transmitter Comfortable and easier to Control – Allows you to hold transmitter comfortably and control better Compatible with the following transmitters: DJI Inspire 1, Phantom 3, Phantom 2 Vision+, Phantom 2 Vision, Phantom 2 Adjustable strap to allow you to change length for your own comfort Made out of strong and durable material and comes with a 1 YEAR WARRANTY This handy Genuine DJI neck strap for your drone remote is the perfect accessory to allow the transmitter to hang off your neck releasing stress off your hands when taking your quadcopter on a long journey. The easy spring loaded clip allows you to clip and unclip your lanyard from the remote control seamlessly making it one of the most user friendly remote control holders. Please note this strap is to assist you in making it easier to hold you’re remote and should not be used to allow the remote to hang freely a long period of time. This DJI accessory 100% genuine. Max Length 60CM Minimum Length 30CM Width: 2CM Material: Carbon Fiber, Nylon