DJI T600-Dual-Controllers Inspire 1 Quadcopter with 4k Video Camera with Controller

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DJI’s most advanced technology comes together in an easy to use, all-in-one flying platform that empowers you to create the unforgettable. This version comes with 2 controllers, one to operate the drone and one to operate the camera.

Product Features

  • Strong carbon fiber arms lift out of sight, transforming the way you shoo and allowing 360-degree movement of the built-in camera
  • Shoot up to 4K video and capture 12 megapixel photos with the Inspire 1 camera and 3-axis gimbal, included
  • Supports up to two controllers, one for the drone operator and one for the camera operator
  • Optical flow technology allows stable flight indoors
  • Lightbridge technology is built-in and allows 720p live streaming from up to 2km away

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2 Replies to “DJI T600-Dual-Controllers Inspire 1 Quadcopter with 4k Video Camera with Controller”

  1. Well made, but expensive at $3000 Device is all it says it is. But setting up is difficult. Took about 6 hours. Don’t bother calling DJI, they answer the phone, but NO one is ever available. The Chat does work, but after 5 calls, I had 1 very good rep, 1 so so rep, and one terrible rep. But I did get it working and have flown the Inspire. It is amazing technology. The first flight mode starts the unit and it goes to 4 ft. and waits there for instructions. The up/down, forward/backward, turn, all work well with the…