DJI Inspire 1Quad Copter -. Parts only

This drone was awesome and then I dropped it in a lake. It was only under water for about 1 minute before I retreived it. It went down because the right rear motor went out. DJI would not warranty it. Which is a major bummer. Anyway…The other 3 motors look good but not sure if they work or not because I did not test. The drone does not turn on. The hardware is nearly perfect (non-electronic) One boom is missing because I needed it for my other Inspre 1 and I aso took te nose piece. Great for parts. My honest guess is most of the elecronics work if you part them out but I dont guarentee that given the circumstances.I did test the camera and it worked fine but I am not selling that in this auction but seperatelly. no RC, no battery, no camera, no nose peice. The rest of the parts are eiter on the drone, or in a bag.