2 Pairs DJI Inspire 1345s Quick Release Propellers with Adapters(2CW+2CCW) -in Original DJI Package

DJI 1345s Quick Release Propellers feature a new locking mechanism that prevents your propellers from becoming loose during flight. These propellers are compatible with all Inspire 1 units and are perfectly suited to the motor deceleration functions native to your Inspire 1.

Product Features

  • Inspire 1 part 52 -1345s Quick Release Props(2CW+2CCW)
  • Inspire 1 part 53 – Ф22 Quick Release Rotor Adapter(2CW+2CCW)
  • Fits: DJI Inspire 1 & E800
  • OEM in original DJI Packaging
  • Made by DJI Innovation- Sold by Authorized US Dealer

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