XOAR DJI Inspire 1 Carbon Fiber Propellers 1345 PJP-T-L-INS CW CCW (2 Pairs). 13 Inch 2 Blade Premium 3K Carbon Fiber Props for Inspire 1, Inspire 1 V2.0 and Inspire 1 Pro with Zenmuse X3 or X5 Camera

XOAR PJP-T-L-INS Carbon Fiber Propellers for DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter is the latest to Xoar’s Precision Pair family.

XOAR Carbon Fiber Precision Pairs are made of premium 3K Carbon Fiber fabric and special resin system that offer ultra light weight to maximize efficiency and torque for Aerial Applications such as Aerial Cinematography, Security, Agriculture, Survey & Mapping, Research & Rescue, Traffic Monitoring & more. XOAR Propellers are the perfect enhancement for the DJI Inspire 1.

XOAR PJP-T-L-INS Carbon Fiber Precision Pair Quadcopter Propellers are designed and engineered with unique blade shape and thin hub to optimize the flying characteristics of DJI Inspire 1. The pairs have the same pitch and same weight for accurate, responsive and stable performance. The maximum tolerance of weight difference for each pair is 0.5 gram; this guarantees consistent performance – same torque is produced by the motors on each pair of opposite arms – for your DJI Inspire 1.

XOAR’s Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Propeller for DJI Inspire 1 are constructed to offer maximum strength and endurance by it’s unique structural design. The superior strength reduces flexing of the tips in Drone flight which greatly lower noise and vibration to yield a responsive, smooth and quieter flight.

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2 x Xoar PJP-T-L-13X4.5-INS 1345 Carbon Fiber Propellers CW
2 x Xoar PJP-T-L-13X4.5-INS 1345 Carbon Fiber Propellers CWW
4 x Adapter Plates (2 Red, 2 Black)
8 x M3 Screws
Do not screw right on the propeller. Do not over tighten screws. Use adapter plate included.

Product Features

  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: Made of Premium Quality 3K Carbon Fiber Fabric. It is light weight, strong, good endurance and rigidity. Perfect for Your DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter.
  • PRE-BALANCED* : Each XOAR Precision Pair is Manually Balanced Both Horizontally and Vertically for Minimal Vibration and Hand Selected for Minimizing Weight Difference in Each precision Pair for the Best Performance.
  • PERFORMANCE : Responsive, Smoother and Quieter Flight Compare to Aftermarket Plastic and Carbon Fiber Self Tightening Props. Stable and Accurate Performance for Multi-Rotor Applications Compare to the Stock DJI Quick Release Props, Specially with the Additional Weight of the New Zenmuse X5 Camera.
  • APPLICATIONS: Professional Grade Applications Where Performance and Accurate Response are TOP Priority with your DJI Inspire 1 such as Aerial Photography, Film-Making, Cinematography, Security, Agriculture, Survey & Mapping, Research & Rescue, Mining, Traffic Monitoring and More
  • SPEC: Diameter: 13in | Pitch: 4.5 | Weight: ~17g Per Prop | Bore Diameter: 6mm | Side Holes Diameter: 3.2mm | Distance Between Centers of 2 Side holes: 13mm | Compatibility: DJI Inspire 1, Inspire 1 V2.0, Inspire 1 Pro, DJI 3510H Motor, DJI 3510 Motor, DJI E800 Motor

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DJI Inspire 1 Drone Kit 2 controllers, Spare 5700 Battery, 3 Spare Blade Boxes

Its been flown maybe about 15 times.  No crashes.  Only selling cause I never get time to use it.  Love it otherwise.  I just dont get the time.  Mint condition. Comes will 2 controllers and ALL original gear you get from DJI.  Case etc.  Case has never been used.  All MINT. Spare Battery is a 5700 mah.  Comes with original 4500 battery. 3 spare cases of blades