Neewer® for DJI Inspire 1 Professional Photography Multi-Coated PL-ND Filter Set includes: PL-ND4, PL-ND8, PL-ND16, PL-ND32, Made of High Definition Glass


* Compatible with DJI Inspire 1.

* DJI Inspire 1 camera NOT INCLUDED!


Neewer Multi-PL Coated ND Filter Set is specially designed for DJI Inspire 1.

Made of high resolution glass for razor sharp images and videos, gives you 4 options to capture epic content in any lighting condition.

Feature multi polarizing coat, help enhance aerial videos by reducing the amount of light reflecting off of the ground, leaving behind beautifully saturated colors and also improving contrast.

PL-ND4 filter / PL-ND8 filter / PL-ND16 filter / PL-ND32 filter reduces 2-stop /3-stop/4-stop/5-stop light without affecting the color and allows wider apertures and longer exposure time and helps to avoid overexposed photos.


Material: Optical Glass & Aluminum Alloy

Each Filter Weight: 0.20oz / 5.6g

Compatibility: DJI Inspire 1

Package Contents:

1*PL-ND4 filter

1*PL-ND8 filter

1*PL-ND16 filter

1*PL-ND32 filter

Product Features

  • The filter set includes: (1)PL-ND4 filter + (1)PL-ND8 filter + (1)PL-ND16 filter + (1)PL-ND32 filter. Note: * Compatible with DJI Inspire 1. * DJI Inspire 1 camera NOT INCLUDED!
  • ND filters effectively reduces the amount of light coming into the sensor, giving you the freedom to create your own work by allowing you to have more control of the camera’s aperture, exposure time and sensor sensitivity settings.
  • Specially multi-PL coated filters provide another function to reduce glare and improve image contrast/saturation.
  • Made of high resolution glass for razor sharp images and videos.
  • Has lightweight aluminum frame for easy installation and removal.

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Neewer® for DJI Inspire 1 Multi-coated 4 Pieces Fliter Kit includes: Ultra Violet Fliter (UV)+Circular Polarizer Fliter (CPL)+Neutral Density Filter (ND16)+ND Fader Adjustable Filter ND2-ND400

NOTE: The Filter Kit is for DJI Inspire 1. Inspire 1 NOT Included!

UV Fliter:

UV filter reduces haze and improve contrast by minimizing the amount of ultraviolet light. Especially useful in areas of high altitude or snow, eliminating the undesirable blue cast.- Serves as a great and inexpensive lens protector. Use full time to protect your delicate lens from dirt, scratches and accidental damage.

CPL Fliter:

CPL filter (Circular Polarizer) is great for removing unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as glass or water. Take richer scenic shots and notice improved clarity in distant objects by cutting through haze and increasing color saturation.

ND16 Fliter:

ND filter (Neutral Density) reduces the amount of light reaching the film without affecting the color. Can be used to enable slower shutter speeds. Also can be used to better separate subjects from the background by allowing wider apertures, effectively decreasing depth of field. Great for portraiture and outdoor scenes.

ND2-ND400 Fliter:

Type: Fader ND

Rotating: Yes

Neutral Density Grade: 2 – 400ur

ND Fader is a compact all-in-one variable neutral density fader filter that adjusts the amount of light reduction with just the twist of your wrist. The index marks on the filter let you know exactly the amount of reduction at a glance. Giving you clear and precise shots at whichever density you are using. It is able to adjust neutral density freely from ND2 to ND400. You only need to carry one single filter with the same capability with ND2 ND4 ND8 ND16 ND32… and ND400. It offers you the freedom the create different neutral density freely.

Package Contents:

1* UV fliter

1* CPL fliter

1* ND16 fliter

1* ND2-ND400 fliter

Product Features

  • Kit includes: (1) Ultra Violet Fliter (UV) + (1) Circular Polarizer Fliter (CPL) + (1) ND Filter (ND16) + (1) ND Fader Adjustable Filter ND2-ND400.
  • Fliters are made of lightweigt high definition glass.
  • Fliters are aluminum thread designed, durable and easily-installed.
  • Fliters are special for DJI Inspire 1.
  • Please Note: Only Fliters, Inspire 1 Camera Not Included.

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