DRONE QUADCOPTER MULTIROTOR RC LED WHITE STROBE LIGHT Why Do I need Strobes? Aside From Being Just Darn CoolFAA Rules for Unmanned Aircraft requires it! And helps you locate if lost!Check out our other strobes and spotlights in our Ebay Store! When sUAS operations are conducted during civil twilight, the sUAS must be equipped with anti-collision strobe lights (this is NOT the lights already on your drone) that are capable of being visible for at least 3 statute miles. However, the remote PIC may reduce the intensity of the lighting if he or she has determined that it would be in the interest of operational safety to do so. For example, the remote PIC may momentarily reduce the lighting intensity if it impacts his or her night vision. Plus it also help you locate a lost drone as it has its own power source so wont stop flashing even if the aircraft power has been interrupted.!Scroll down to see video DEMO of operation on DroneBelow or cut and paste https://youtu.be/a8Q9fsCWyIU US Based FREE same day shipping, no drop shipping and 90 day warranty on all lights! Questions? Email, Text, Or Call Us! Firehousetechnology.com Simple solution for adding a Strobe light for safety and navigation assistance. 5 Watt Wired for Navigation, Multiple light patterns, Bright LED strobe , clear plastic Lens to protect from elements, with switchable patterns via servo, simple velcro screw, or hot glue mount allows installation on all brands of Quadcopters, Hexacopters, RC planes, or really anything! Listing is for ONE White (if you need red check our other listings). Does not steal from your Quad-copter battery flight times when wired with seperate power source. Very lightweight (3 grams) and small size allows mounting multiple lights if desired for additional visibility. Mount as front or rear navigation lighting per FAA rules for flights at dusk/dawn or night! I have test flown these on all of my quads (pictures shown) and the difference they make compared to the existing lights on the quads is amazing. No change in flight control or speed as they are lightweight! Allows flight orientation from the max line of sight distance day or night! Works and looks great. A great addition for hobbyist or professional alike. 30 Day warranty on all lights , we don’t sell what we don’t test and use ourselves! We fly for Emergency Services Search and Rescue. we sell what we fly US based in stock and ship immediately. We will post some videos on this page and Facebook that we shot during flight tests. Feel free to ask questions via email, text, or our Facebook Page and FirehouseTechnology website Specifications: Features Lights are the most powerful navigation lights on the model market for years.Now, it’s configurable for 5 different patterns!Strobe (Strobe v2) strobe effect. 3 fast flashes like xenon wing tip flash lights)Blink (Simulates belly or tail lights. Continuous ON/OFF)Heartbeat (standard beacon light pattern, ramp up/ramp down/off)Rotating Beacon (perfect simulation of rolling beacons. ramp up/flash/ramp down/off)Static (you can use it as landing headlights or static wing-tip lights) It allows 2 different working modes;RC Controlled Mode: Plug it on your RC receiver’s any channel for RC mode, then you can enable/disable it over selected servo channel. Each Strobe counts the servo signals. So, you can plug more than one Strobe to the same RC channel to syncronize them. (check the schematic pic below) Standalone Mode: Power it with directly from the battery (3.5-6v) it works on Standalone mode and works continuously.. Specifications Specifications Supply Voltage: 3.5 – 6 voltCurrent Consumption per hour @5V Strobe: 60mA (1A when flashing) Blink: 70mA (150ma ON) Heartbeat: 120mA Rolling Beacon : 170mA (1A when flashing) Static: 140mADiameter: 21.5mmHeight: 6mmScrew Holes: 1.5mm diameter & 18mm distanceWeight: 1.50 gram without wiresWire Length: 30cm