DJI Inspire 1 Dual-Remote With Extra Battery iPad Mini 2

Used DJI Inspire 1 with Dual-RemotesREADY TO FLY Includes The following: Inspire 1Inspire 1 X3 Camera/Gimbal2 TB47 Batteries2 Inspire 1 RemotesInspire 1 ChargerInspire 1 CaseiPad Mini 25 Sets(2) of Quick Release Propellers3 Sets(2) of Self-Tightening PropellersMicro USB CableMFI Apple Certified CableRemote Controller HarnessExtra set of Gimbal DampenersiPad Mini Sunshade – PadHat Over $4200 Total Investment This was Purchased on January 31st 2015 The reason I’m selling it is because i just don’t have enough time to fly it anymore. This quad flies great and has only 129 Flights with 13 hours and 7 minutes on it.

DJI INSPIRE 1 PRO w/ Zenmuse X5 4K Cam – Free Case, Extra Battery, Free Ship

This is a ready to fly DJI Inspire One Pro w/ Zenmuse X5 4K Camera & 3-Axis Gimbal Ive owned it and flown probably 20 times, I just no longer have a use for the Drone seeing as I travel to often and it does fit my needs right now. The current X5 attached is factory refurbished and only been used once or twice. The Drone has been crashed once, it flies and works as if it were new. The springboard is slightly cracked and taped back together, but works fine and is an easy fix (under $100). This piece can be purchased from the DJI website. Everything else is in fantastic shape, and shows no sign any significant wear. The Drone comes with an extra battery as well as the case. It was originally purchased through the DJI website in November 2015. It may be in need of a software update now seeing as I haven’t put it up in the sky in a few months. Here’s some footage I shot on it, just to show you what it is capable of: