2x Lens Hood petal design prevent prop wash sun flare cover DJI Inspire 1 camera

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2 Pieces, Lens Hood for DJI Inspire 1 Camera: This item is for 2x clip-on Lens Hood covers custom designed for the DJI INSPIRE 1 camera lens. It is 3D printed. Lens hoods is designed to “snap fit” over your DJI clear lens or ND (Neutral Density) filter attachment Prevents or reduces camera lens flare, vignetting, and quadcopter prop wash: We have created two versions of rose petal lens hoods designed specifically for the DJI Inspire 1 camera lens properties. The Inspire 1 quadcopter camera is capable of taking amazing Ultra HD 4k video, don’t let vignetting, propeller wash effects, and lens flare ruin your shot! Design: The shape of a petal lens hood allows it to extend as far as possible beyond the camera lens without showing up in the frame. Lenses are circular, but the pictures we take are rectangular. If these petal lens hoods were perfectly round, the corners of the hood would obscure the picture, known as lens vignetting. The Inspire 1 flying camera has a 94 degree Field Of View (FOV) with a 16:9 for video and 4:3 aspect ratio for pictures, with a maximum video resolution of 4096 x 2160 (4k). Our lens hood design prevents vignetting (lens obscuration due to lens hood blocking the corners of video/pictures), These lens hoods are cut out in a rose petal design to prevent this as well as block sun lens flare and prop shadowing as commonly seen in drone video without any lens covering, (photo 3 shows the CAD (Computer Aided Design) and hopefully explains the scientific reason why this design method is better. I have provided 2 different modifications. One lens hood design has the lower petal removed for sun flare and prop wash prevention as well as reduced weight, the other lens hood includes all 4 petals which is similar to 3 petal in addition to flying over water or shiny bright, surfaces and minimizing reflection glare. Both designs are included and should reduce or prevent 3 common problems with your flying camera: Reduce unwanted prop shadow effects caused by drone propellers Prevent camera lens blocking known as vignettingPrevent unwanted sun lens flares as much as possible Both designs are included in this auction, so two lens hoods included total. Cheers to crystal clear high quality videos and pictures during your Drone flying adventures! Color is in black. Video: Here is a quick video showing how to attach and remove the snap-on lens hood: How to attach and remove lens hood