DJI Inspire 1 Remote Control Transmitter 2-4 day Shipping FREE Shipping GL658A

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DJI Inspire 1 remote Controller GL658A 100% New (Free 2-4 day Shipping USA and Canada) ** Send me a message if it says all the remotes are sold out, as I still have about 14 left in total **** I Sold over 40 of the remotes during the summer for $399 each look at all my positive comments ๐Ÿ™‚ I have done the new firmware update on 10 of the remotes the remotes are fully charged as of Nov 27 2016 if you want to do the firmware upgrade let me know.. Upgrade your Inspire to dual control or Change your Phantom 4 remote this one this one will work! $250 USD or $300 Canadian I can offer this as the largest DJI distributer in Canada went bankrupt. I’ve purchased over $100k of new DJI items below dealer cost! Saving passed on to you!! I have 100 New Inspire remotes only 35 left and many other items soon to follow, s800, s900 parts etcMy Ebay Store will be listing the items soon. Send me message if you have any questions ThanksPrice is firm no tax, Free Shipping A version is the best Inspire remote controller as the video processing board is in this remote! Version B and C does not have the video processing board in the remote and uses the iPad or the phones internal video processing which does not produce as a smooth video on your device. DJI did this to save money.