i Pad Mini SunShade Visor Hood for DJI INSPIRE 1 & PHANTOM 3 remote RC Slide-On!

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Slide-On Sunshade for DJI Inspire 1 Remote Control – professional looking! This is a 3D printed sun shade cover custom designed to Slide-on and off the DJI INSPIRE 1 and the PHANTOM 3 Remote Control Designed to be used with the DJI Inspire 1 and Phantom 3 clamp on the remote control. the Sunshade reduces sun glare on screen to make it easier to view the tablet while flying your quadcopter. This auction includes the Slide-On/Off sun shade for your tablet that can be removed even while still clamped to the remote control! The Sun Shade is designed to slide in/over your iPad Mini with precision openings for your iPad Mini power and lightning port. Color available in white, gray, or black (please allow 1-2 days extra shipping for gray or black), please specify color when ordering in the Notes section when you place your order. If color not specified, white will be default. Happy flying!