UAS Pilot Log: Unmanned Aircraft Systems Logbook for Drone Pilots & Operators (Gold)

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The UAS Pilot Log is one of the first flight logs uniquely designed for the needs of drone operators. After extensive research into record keeping and processes maintained by expert operators, designed this log specifically for pilots and operators of unmanned aircraft systems and drones to plan and track critical flight details. As FAA and other government regulations evolve, the UAS Pilot Log will help keep you on top of your record keeping activities. Seamlessly designed to be useful and relevant, this logbook distills complex procedures and processes with simple, easy-to-understand entry pages that can be maintained by any drone operator, regardless of skill level or experience. The result is a flexible yet powerful record that will serve as both a tool to enhance your flying experience and a superb record of exactly what happened on the day of your flight. Now available in multiple colors (Gold, Red, Dark Blue, Dark Grey and Dark Green) to suit any mission.

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3 Replies to “UAS Pilot Log: Unmanned Aircraft Systems Logbook for Drone Pilots & Operators (Gold)”

  1. Well designed I had been looking for a good logbook for logging my drone flight hours that also contains enough space and places to log various information from my flights. This logbook has space for over 100 entries and I transferred my own records I had been keeping into the book I purchased.I will say I have recently switched to an online logbook by creating my own logbook spreadsheet in Google Sheets that can be accessed and updated pretty much anyplace by phone or tablet or computer.While…

  2. You NEED to log your drone hours if you want to get certified This is a really unique and reasonably priced log book just for drone pilots. It is clear that the author really rethought the whole drone pilot vs. airplane pilot conundrum. One of the main things I notice is that each day gets a whole page to itself. This is great because I fly multiple flights in a day and at less than 30 minutes a pop, logging can be tedious. The traditional manned flight logbooks are basically just spreadsheets. Sometimes I think this is because if something really crazy…