Belkin white 6 Feet 1.8 Meter Telescopic Retractable Lighting to USB Cable for DJI Phantom 3 Inspire 1 &inspire 1 Pro/Raw Matrice 100 Remote Controller iphone 5 6 Ipad Ipad Mini Touch Nazo Compatible

Package include:
1 PCS USB Cable

Product Features

  • Specially designed for DJI phantom 3 professional Advance and Inspire 1&inspire 1 Pro/Raw DJI Matrice 100 remote controller
  • iphone 5 5c 5s 16GB 32GB 64GB iPhone 6,6 Plus16GB 32GB 64GB, ipad 4th Generation 16GB 32GB 64GB,ipad mini 16GB 32GB 64GB,ipad touch 5th generation 32GB 64GB,ipad nano 7th generation 16GB
  • Telescopic design, 1.21 feet,easy to carry everywhere,6 feet after full extension, use as you wish
  • Ship to USA via USPS first-class Priority mail, estimated delivery 5-12 days

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DJI Flamewheel F550 Carbon Fiber/ CNC Retractable Landing Gear FPV Inspire 1

fengkunliu store F550 Retractable Landing Gear. Simply connect the two servo cable on the retractable landing gear with the included Y splitter servo cable, then connect the Y splitter cable into a channel of your receiver. Then you can use a switch on your transmitter to retract or lower your landing gear. Simple and works beautifully. No more legs in the video. Package contents shown in the listing picture. Specs:Height: 10 inchWidth: 12.5 inchWeight: 6.6oz (188gram)Refer to the picture for dimensions. The following is a demo video: Installation Instruction:This landing gear is very simply to install and setup. Simply follow the steps below:1. Connect the two servos on the landing gear to the included Y cable, then connect the Y cable to one of your receiver’s empty channel. 2. Find a 2 position switch on your transmitter, assign that switch to the receiver channel where you connected the Y cable.3. The landing gear could be retracted by flipping the switch. 4. For mounting this to the F550, match the two holes on the mounting plate on the servo to the two holes on on the F550 where you mount the arms, use the included screws to mount each leg. The lowered Zenmuse gimbal mount can be purchased here: Lowered Zenmuse Mount If you want a set of prop guard for your F550 or F450, please click the following links: F550 Prop guard F450 Prop guardIf you want a multifunction landing gear, please click the following link:Black Landing Skid for F450 F550 BlackRed Landing Skid for F450 F550 RedBlue Landing Skid for F450 F550 BlueWhite Landing Skid for F450 F550 WhiteYellow Landing Skid for F450 F550 Yellow I also have the Replacement Landing Skid Legs available if you broke the stock legs. If you want to mount 2 large batteries in parallel for extended flying time, I have the Dual Battery Parallel Mount for DJI F450 F550 Multifunction Landing SkidIf you are looking for a tall landing skid for your DJI Phantom, here it is: Tall Landing Skid Extension for DJI Phantom Shipping Policy:Domestic shipping will be handled by USPS First Class. It usually takes 2-3 business days to be delivered.For international buyers: USPS First Class International. This is the most affordable shipping option. Delivery time varies from 1 to 6 weeks in different countries. Tracking info won’t be updated once the packages goes outside USA.Thanks and happy bidding!